Japan Related Web Sites

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Japanese Language Village: A total immersion summer camp in the U.S. for kids (ages 7-17) who want to learn Japanese.

Language Express: A comapny that makes innovative study materials to learn Japanese.

Japanese-English Kanji Dictionary JISHOP: Kanji dictionary software free to download.


The Foreigner Japan: A monthly news, feature and photo magazine about living, working and travelling in Japan.

Yomiuri Shinbun (Japanese)

Asahi Shinbun (Japanese)

J@pan Inc: Business, Technology, People.

TBS news program: News 23

Weather in Japan.

News on Japan.

NHK: Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japanese Broadcasting Organization), Japanese National Television.

NTV: Nippon Television Network.

Japanese Societies, Japan-America Societies

Japanese Society of Alabama

Japan Atlanta Japan Web Town

Japanese Society of Cleveland

Japanese Society of Hawaii

Japanese Society of North Carolina

U.S.-Japan Links - Official site of the National Association of Japan-America Societies.

Japanese Society of Washington, D.C.

Japanese Society New York

Japanese America Society of Greater Philadelphia

Japanese Society British Columbia

Japan Society of Northern Ireland.

Japan America Society of Dallas/Fortworth.

Japan Society of Southern Countries.

Japan Society Canada.

Australia Japan Society ACT.

Canada-Japan Society of Ottawa.

Harvard Japan Society.

Japan Society Queensland.

Japan Society St. Louis.

Canada Japan Society of Toronto.

Bristol Japan Club.

Japan America Society of Central Ohio.

Devon and Cornwall Japan Society.

Maneki Neko--Fortune Cat

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Nyan Nyan.

Fukuneko Planning.

Maneki Neko Club.

Maneki Neko Map.

Shofuku Maneki Neko.

Chugai Toen.

Manekineko Club.


Let's travel to Japan

Experiencing Japanese Culture

Search jobs in Japan

Must Love Japan : Visual guide to Japan

Anna's Japan Guide

All Sushi: Comprehensive information about Sushi

Sugar Works: Distinctive sugar made gifts & wedding keepsakes, such as Origami Crane, Butterflies, Ukiyo-e, Fortune candy, etc.

Tokyo Hotel & Travel Guide:Comprehensive travel guide to Tokyo Japan including all the main districts in Tokyo city and surrounding suburbs of Tokyo. Plus Tokyo maps, Tokyo itinerary, Tokyo pictures and Tokyo Hotels.

Hanami Web: Special knowledge about Japan.

How to bow.

Gaijin DOT ca: Gaijin in Japan, Canada and from all over the world - Free, web-bassed Gaijin mail, news and links pages.

Shakuhachi Web site: Everything about the Japanese shakuhachi; make your own bamboo shakuhachi; teach yourself the shakuhachi; photo album of shakuhachi; shakuhahci links - everything you ever want to know about the shakuhachi.

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Lifestyle: Japanese culture including kimono, fashion, food, restaurants, recipes, Japan pictures and travel.

All on Japan: Discover the culture of Japan.

Nippon Engineering College Synthetic Animation Department: This school offers courses to train people to become animators.

The Japan Zone: A huge site that focuses on Japanese popular culture, with entertainment news updates every day, but also has sightseeing, photos, language, history and much more.

Welcome to Japan Life: Humorous essays about being a foregner in Japan written by Japan Times columnist Amy Chavez.

Anipike: The Anime Web Turnpike is the largest database in the world for anime and manga information. Anipike is plays a pivotal role in defining trends for anime and manga related companies.

Japan Visitor: Provides for all your information needs when travelling to Japan.

Beginning: Collection of photographs, taken by General Douglas MacArthur's photographer, Nick Orzio in Japan after the World War II.

Shakuhachi: This site features Shakuhachi Master John Singer and makes available fine vintage Shakuhachi.

Japan-Japan: Links to over 1,350 Japanese related websites written in both English and Japanese.

Japanese Kimono: Instructions on how to wear kimono.

Japanese Hanging Scroll Paintings: A Japanese hanging scroll-painting site from Hiroshima Japan.

Japan Guide.

Kyoto Library.

Kyoto Nishijin.

Viva Japan: World of Japanese Pop Culture.

Tokyo Food Page.

Japan Book Store.

Kanzashi Museum: Japanese Hair Ornament.

Guide to Jobs in Japan.

Safe Jobs in Japan: Recruiting English teachers

Japanese Online: A site which provides and promotes Japanese/English bilingual translation software and services (Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.)

Unohara: Japanese Hair Ornament.

Kurita: Buddhism Statues.

Ise Jingu: Ise Shrine Official Home Page.

Kawaguchi Kiban: Shogi and Go Items.

Fujita Gangu: Japanese Traditional Toys.

Begoma no Sekai: Japanese Traditional Toy, Begoma.

Aoi Art: Japanese Swords.

Tomoe Soroban Co.Ltd.: Abacus.

Mizuno Somemono: Dyed Goods.

Kyoto Sadogukan: Tea Ceremony Goods.

Mingei Hozumi: Japanese Rice Paper Craft shop.

Daitame Toki: Ceramic Shop.

Asakusa Festival Center.

Tokyoku: Koinobori and Hina Ningyo.


Kyoto, Japan, Zen.

Japanable.com: Japanable.com is a communication site about Japan that offers a free Bulletin Board (Forum) to bring people together to talk about common issues from life in Japan. Including: Buy&Sell, Travel Info, Immigration, Jobs, Family Issues, How Tos, Studying Japanese c and lots more!

Chugai Toen Co., Ltd.: Ceramic Items.

Tengu no Sato: Tengu Masks.

Made in Shimane: Various cultural products made in Shimane Prefecture.

JP NET Kimono Hypertext: A history of Kimono.

Japan Services: Free weekly ebook about Japan and free online advertising.

Dolphin Karate School Kyokushinkai: A Group of Dojo practicing Japanese Kyokushinkai style of Karate. Based in Southern California, USA.

Michi Online: Journal of Japanese Cultural Art.

Teach kids all about Japan.


Visual Edo.

Japan National Tourist Organization.

Tokyo Food Page.

Nihon Sumo Kyokai.

Japanese Performing Arts.

Tokyo Journal.

Famous Personages in Japan.

Kotetsu: Japanese Matsuri festival items.

Kicath Kimono: Custom skilled repair of kimono for wear or decoration.

The Matsubara Family Aikatazome Home Page: The Matsubara family of Japan uses traditional techniques to produce beautiful aikatazome (stenciled, indigo-dyed cloth).

Reiko's Koto Home Page: Provides history and description of the koto and two other Japanese instruments, the shamisen and shakuhachi, along with sound samples.

Shigatsuhana's All Things Japanese: Learn about Japanese culture. Featuring; Japanese shiba inu (dog), Matsuri, Kekkon, Anime, Akina Nakamori and more.

Cottage Asia: Our products signature the extraordinary artistry and rich heritage unique to the Asian tradition. Our introductory line of -Classic Pashmina- shawls are hand-woven from superior pashmina, dyed in an assortment of captivating colors, and etched with exquisite embroideries in classic North Indian styles. We invite you to discover the way pashmina was meant.

Kimono de Asobou (Let's have fun with Kimono)

The Spencers in Iwakuni Japan: One American military family's experiences, while living in Japan for three years. Includes Japanese cultural information, and many photos and postcards. Also chat, message board, guestbook, e-cards, and more.

Japan Photo Gallery

Japan Golf Course: The world's only comprehensive, English-language guide to Japanese golf courses that are always open to non-Japanese.

Gaijin Net: Gaijin Net is the online forum of the foreign community living in Tokyo. Articles, news, tips, addresses. Join our forum !

Shakunage Cultural Foundation: Based in East Lansing, MI, the Foundation maintains a full Japanese Garden and Culture Center where classes and seminars in Japanese Culture are held. The Website provides up-to-date information about the Foundation's activiities, as well as information about Japan and Japanese Culture.

Noh Mask: Noh is an equivalent of Shakespeare plays in Japan.

Kabuki for Everyone

Japan Digital Photopainter Society

Japan Etcetera

Taifu Goju Karate & Ryukyu Kobudo: International Karate and Kobudo organisation.

Designer's Brand Kimono Inoue.

Detailed information on the subject of Incense and its traditions.

Pre World War II Japanese Millitary Uniforms.

Samurai Tour.

Old postcards from Japan.

Shakuhachi Master: John Singer. Featuring Vintage Japanese bamboo flutes for sale, unique articles, His recordings, Shakuhachi Gallery

Ukiyo-e: Art gallery and forum with emphasis on ukiyo-e and Japanese art.

Japanese Incense.

Japanese Party Supplies: Japanese party supplies, crafts, foods, and gifts for children's and teens' birthday parties (or for schools and camps to enhance their educational units on Japan.) Perfect for hosting a Japanese Tea Party for a girl's birthday, or a Japanese theme party for a boy's birthday.


Gaijin in Japan: A site related to living in Japan. Information includes getting to Japan, finding a job, the cost of living, how to have fun, the labor law, the rights of foreigners, being married to a Japanese person, raising bi-cultural children, how to make money and also theories on the assimilation processes of foreigners in Japan. Lots of stories from foreigners who have resided or still reside in Japan.

Sushi Links.

Japanese Emoticons.

Visitor's Guide to Japan.

Explore Japan.

Anime International: Online Anime Mega Store.

Manga Revolution

Tea Select: Green tea related items.

Japanin.com: Free site for English speakers located in Japan. Members can post messages, make friends, buy and sell stuff, exchange messages privately.


Shugiin (House of Representatives)

Sangiin (House of Councilors)


Shibainu : This site is about two kennels of the Japanese Shiba Inu in the Netherlands.

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