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Name in Kanji

Authentic Japanese Hanko Stamp!

Take the Quiz and translate your name into Kanji (FREE)


Buy Kimono Directly From Japan

FAQ's for Kimono

Samurai Items

Tengai--Samurai Straw Hat

Enza--Samurai Cusion

Electronic Greeting Card Series (FREE)

Paper Products

Katakana/ Hiragana Eye Exam Chart


Meishi--Authentic Japanese Business Card

Boy School Uniform Cap

Buruma--Girls' School Sports Brief

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Classified Ads

Meet other Japan Enthusiasts!

Free Information about Japan or Japanese Culture

Japan Slide Show

Japanese slang you won't find in a dictionary

Take the Quiz and translate your name into Katakana for free!

The Constitution of Japan

Let's count in Japanese!

Cultural Conflicts--Japan VS. USA

Hiragana Chart

Kanji Story

Japanese Scenery

Japanese Scenery2

Kimigayo-Japanese National Anthem

Introduction Japanese

Japan Q&A

Japanese Map

Japanese Holidays

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