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Type your message in Roma-ji and the program will display it as Japanese Hiragana and Katakana.

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Click here for the reference for spelling of available characters.
Type upper case to use Katakana.
Do NOT mix upper case and lower case in one word.
English words must be between < and >.

Example1: "konnnichiha,watashihaAMERICAnisunndeimasu."

Example2: "watashinonomaeha<John>desu."

You don't know any Japanese? No problem. We have prepared some phrases for you.
How are you?
I'm fine.
How is the weather?
How is your family?
How is business?
Are you busy?
Can you read this?
Isn't this great?
Is everything OK?
I like you.
I love you.
Learning Japanese is difficult.
I want to learn Japanese.
You are a wonderful person.
Thank you.
Have a good time.
Have a nice weekend.
Have a nice day.
Message in English:
Not everyone reads Japanese. Let's add a little note just to be safe.

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