Sharaku's Woodblock Print

wbu225.jpg Sharaku: Dates of birth and death are not known. Period of production: 6th and 7th years of Kansei. Family name: Saito. Studio name: Toshusai. Neither his career nor his lineage as an artist has been clearly recorded. Said to have been a Noh-play actor first. He displayed creative genius in portraying men and women, especially actors, whose facial expressions he depicted with amasterly hand. By combining with this skill with his clever application of the technique of woodblock printing, he produced color prints de luxe. He may indeed be said to have greatly improved upon the manners of Shunsho's disciples, Shun-ei and Shunko. His creations did not exceed a few hundred, and they are highly valued by collectors and students of art. Size: 10 1/4" x 151/2". $150.00 (S&H: $10.00). Item#:WBU-225. Delivery: 2-3 weeks.

wbu227.jpg WBU-227. Size: 10 1/4" x 15 1/2". $150.00 (S&H: $10.00). Delivery: 2-3 weeks.

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