Special Request Form

Thank you very much for your interests in Japan Culture Club. If you are looking for something specific (items that are not on this website), please use this form to make a special request. We are doing business with many companies in Japan, so if you could let us know a specific idea about what you are looking for, we might be able to locate the item.

Also, if you have already found what you want on other Japanese websites but have a difficulty communicating with the companies in Japanese (Most Japanese websites do not provide information in English nor do they accept credit cards), you can buy the items via us.

Please fill out the boxes, and click on "Send" when you are done. You do NOT make a commitment by placing your request.

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Size, Color and so on. Please be specific.
If you already know the Japanese website that sells this item, type the URL here. We will contact the company on behalf of you.
Price Range: Required
Thank You!

If, for some reasons, you did not receive "Thank you" message, please click here and send us a message.

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