Virtual Shrine

In Japanese native religion, Shintoism, it is believed that visiting a shrine and offering money would help a wish to come true. Some shrines have even specialities for wishes, such as wishes about money, health, love and so on.

This is a virtual shrine, and we are not asking money. Instead, we are asking you to share your wish with your friends (Unlike in western culture, it is perfectly OK to share your wish with people...That's why people write their wish on a small wooden board, called Ema and hang them in a shrine (See the pictures below).

Wish for whatever
This is what people in Japan call Ema. Your wish would appear here.

Let's pretend to ring the bell (WAV & RA)

Let's pretend to throw in a coin (WAV & RA)

Type of your wish: This will be printed in Japanese w/ explanation and sound file.
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