More Japanese Sceneries

Fish Market (picco1.jpg)

Mail Box (picco2.jpg)

Restaurant (picco3.jpg)

Shrine (picco4.jpg)

Inside of Shrine (picco5.jpg)

Big Bell (picco6.jpg)

Lantern (picco7.jpg)

Shopping Street (picco8.jpg)

Railroad Crossing (picco9jpg)

Fish in Super Market (picco10.jpg)

Torch (picco11.jpg)

Restaurant Food Samples (picco12.jpg)

Stone Fox (picco13.jpg)

Miniture Shrine Gate (picco14.jpg)

Inside of Miniture Shrine (picco15.jpg)

Car on Sale (picco16.jpg)

Don't Cross (picco17.jpg)

Pedestrian (picco18.jpg)

Fish for Breakfast? (picco19.jpg)

Japanese Lunch Box (picco20.jpg)

Sushi Restaurant at Night (picco21.jpg)

Small Local Pub (picco22.jpg)

Book Store (picco23.jpg)

Bus (picco24.jpg)

Bus Station (picco25.jpg)

Eel (picco26.jpg)

Street Sign in Japan? (picco27.jpg)

Nature in the City (picco28.jpg)

Train (picco29.jpg)

New & Old Houses (picco30.jpg)

Flowers on street (picco31.jpg)

Roof (picco32.jpg)

Fireplug Sign (picco33.jpg)

Taxi (picco34.jpg)

Nobori (picco35.jpg)

Inarizushi (picco36.jpg)

Street1 (picco37.jpg)

Street2 (picco38.jpg)

Traffic1 (picco39.jpg)

Traffic2 (picco40.jpg)

Traffic3 (picco41.jpg)

Traffic4 (picco42.jpg)

Entrance of a Japanese house (picco43.jpg)

Sunflower (picco44.jpg)

Yokohama City Bus (picco45.jpg)

Gates (picco46.jpg)

Purification (picco47.jpg)

Temple1 (picco48.jpg)

Ojizo1 (picco49.jpg)

Toro (picco50.jpg)

Temple2 (picco51.jpg)

Shrine2 (picco52.jpg)

Ojizo2 (picco53.jpg)

Ojizo3 (picco54.jpg)

Old Mailbox (picco55.jpg)

Nobori2 (picco56.jpg)

Bosatsu (picco57.jpg)

Ojizo4 (picco58.jpg)

Country Creek (picco59.jpg)

Grave1 (picco60.jpg)

Grave2 (picco61.jpg)

Grave3 (picco62.jpg)

Grave4 (picco63.jpg)

Grave5 (picco64.jpg)

Temple3 (picco65.jpg)

Yokohama Bay Bridge (picco66.jpg)

Yokohama Sky Line (picco67.jpg)

Yokohama City1 (picco68.jpg)

China Town in Yokohama (picco69.jpg)

Yokohama City2 (picco70.jpg)

Yokohama City3 (picco71.jpg)

Yokohama City4 (picco72.jpg)

Yokohama City5 (picco73.jpg)

Crowd1 (picco74.jpg)

Crowd2 (picco75.jpg)

Fortune Teller Machine (picco76.jpg)

Hikawa-Maru Ship at Yamashita Park (picco77.jpg)

Marine Tower (picco78.jpg)

Meiji Shrine1 (picco79.jpg)

Meiji Shrine2 (picco80.jpg)

Meiji Shrine3 (picco81.jpg)

Meiji Shrine4 (picco82.jpg)

Meiji Shrine5 (picco83.jpg)

Meiji Shrine6 (picco84.jpg)

Meiji Shrine7 (picco85.jpg)

Meiji Shrine8 (picco86.jpg)

Meiji Shrine9 (picco87.jpg)

Meiji Shrine10 (picco88.jpg)

Flea Market1 (picco89.jpg)

Flea Market2 (picco90.jpg)

Flea Market3 (picco91.jpg)

Flea Market4 (picco92.jpg)

Flea Market5 (picco93.jpg)

Harajuku1 (picco94.jpg)

Harajuku2 (picco95.jpg)

Harajuku3 (picco96.jpg)

Harajuku4 (picco97.jpg)

Portable Shrine (picco98.jpg)

Grave Yard (picco99.jpg)

Green in Ohaka (picco100.jpg)

Ojizo5 (picco101.jpg)

Ojizo6 (picco102.jpg)

Red in Ohaka (picco103.jpg)

Mini Shrine in street corner (picco104.jpg)

Minato Mirai1 (picco105.jpg)

Minato Mirai2 (picco106.jpg)

Graffiti1 (picco107.jpg)

Graffiti2 (picco108.jpg)

Train in the flower field (picco109.jpg)

Nippon Maru Ship (picco110.jpg)

Crescent Building? (picco111.jpg)

Minato Mirai3 (picco112.jpg)

Minato Mirai4 (picco113.jpg)

Shrine in the sky (picco114.jpg)

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