Omamori--Japanese good-luck charm

Omamori means "protection." Many people in Japan believe that omamori protects themselves from bad luck.

We will obtain more omamoris from Japan in a few weeks. Currently, this is all we have.

Item#: SBOM-17. 5cm x 8cm $6.00 (S&H: $2.00). Delivery: 3-4 days.

Item#: SBOM-24. 4cm x 6cm $5.00 (S&H: $2.00). Delivery: 3-4 days.


Disclaimer: Normally, omamori that is sold at a shrine or a temple is priced several times higher, which is because it has supposedly been "blessed" and given the magical powers by the shrine or temple. This may make a difference if you are a believer. We have obtained these omamori from a company that manufactures them. They usually sell them to the shrines and temples, but they gave us a special permission to sell them as pieces of accessory. So, we do not claim that these omamori have any magical powers.

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